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Sarcantasy 018
Last time, on…


You decide to use stealth, and Delar guides the party through the underbrush. It's slower going, but you reap the benefit soon enough.

A deep, regular, rumbling sound that verberates deep in your bones turns out to be the snores of the Dan-Barr, sleeping leaned against a tree. The beast is humongous, and something about the fact that it's wearing an actual cap its size is intensely disturbing.
Your party gives the sleeping Barr a wide berth and continues to creep through the shadows and other cover provided by the Lumberjackfree Forest...

...and then you arrive at Delar's base-camp. It's pretty simple; a tent, a campfire, and what looks like a hardwood spear driven into the earth. 

"Finally!" the Half-Urken says, clearly relieved. "Come on in, we only have a few minutes of daylight left. My gear and the Sanctum scroll I used to secure the site are in my tent.
We uh, I have a spare suit of clothes you ladies can use. Just the one, though, and it doesn't have any magical or psychic enhancements on it. Who wants the shirt and who wants the trousers?
I can get the fire started and cook us up a meal... or maybe I should check to see whether the Scroll of Sanctum's finished recharging and cast it on the camp again. That Barr is still pretty close.
We can have a look at my map afterwards -- or maybe I should give you some sword lessons, Daisy. I don't know how to use a weapon as big as yours, but I'm an Expert Swordsman in the Stained Glass-style. If you have enough xp to spend, I can probably get you proficient with a basic longsword if we train together for about an hour every day for a week. Two weeks, and I can make you a novice in Stained Glass, if you like. If we go for sword lessons tonight, we can look at my map tomorrow morning after a good night's rest."

It's an embarrassment of CHOICES TO MAKE:
Clothes, dinner, map, scroll and/or sword lessons.
In what order do you choose to do them...?
My new project, Sarcantasy, is go!
Ideally, there will be a page a day -- and you can help determine what happens tomorrow!
Come read Sarcantasy, look at the options and let your voices be heard. The majority consensus determines what comes next in this comic universe gone insane...!

Page 18 is up!

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Sarcantasy 001 by Grendelkin

Mature Content

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Mature Content

Sarcantasy - cutscene a by Grendelkin
  Sarcantasy 017 by Grendelkin
Sarcantasy 018 by Grendelkin 
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Sarcantasy 017
Previously, on…

You wake up bright and early. George has once again provided a lavish meal of forest fruit - and looks pretty smug about the fact that he got out of and back into the tree-house without waking up Delar. The Half-Urken scowls at the shaved ape all the way through breakfast, but does not comment...

After you've all eaten, you tell Emma and Delar that George should be released under his own cognizance - if he'll swear to be a better uh, ape from now on.

"George swear, hoo-hoo!" George immediately says. "By tail of Tailless Ape and the Bonny Bunch of Coconuts of the Green Lady, George swears. Those holy swears, hoo-hoo!"
On a less excitable tone, he continues: "George be good. Never want to be bad."

You shake George's hand - a gesture that confuses him - and wish him the best. He responds by giving you a big, ape-scented hug.

"Don't make me regret giving you a chance... George," Delar says before you leave for his base-camp. "Or I'll be back for you."

"George no worry," the shaved ape replies, grinning cheekily. "You lousy trapper, ee-ee!"

"True," Delar says, grimly serious. "But I'm real good at hunting down and killing bad creatures."

George's grin slides right off his face and he gulps audibly.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

With all goodbyes said, you get ready to leave.
Looking out of the tree-house, it's your turn to gulp audibly; it's a long way down.

"Can you cast the LVT-spell today?" Emma asks of Delar.

"Sure can," the Half-Urken replies as he takes off his leather bracelet, grasps it firmly and chants an incantation. You can see him wince as the spell drains some of his life-force, but he does not falter. His eyes flare with energy and he says: "Just grab hold of me and I'll carry us down to the ground."

You and Emma both grab hold of Delar, who steps out of the tree-house. A moment of terror - and you relax a little as you float down, gentle as a floating feather. Still, you hold on tight.
Delar seems oddly fidgety on the way down, his breathing a bit fast and his eyes fixed on the horizon. Maybe casting the spell causes some lasting discomfort?

The Half-Urken relaxes the instant you all hit the ground and let go, however. You all feel a little surge of energy as you stand on your own feet:
Daisy gains 8 xp (28)
Delar gains 6 xp
Emma gains 6 xp (26)

You turn around to wave at George, who looks very small up there in his tree -- and you set off, following Delar.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

It's a long walk to Delar's base-camp, and you spend the time chatting. You ask where Delar and Emma are from, and what they do.

Delar seems hesitant. "I am from the Eastern Hills, Daisy. My parents... I was raised by the Sorcerer-Monks. About three years ago, I went into the Distant East to... prove myself as a Fontanist. Ever since I got back, I've been travelling the world as a mercenary."

"I'm pretty much from all over," Emma says. "I've lived in Caymore, in Kirchburg, in Komfrin, the Islands Kingdom... I've even spent a little time in the Dune Empire. I've studied martial arts, been a courtesan (not by choice), I've even been married a couple of times. I guess you could say my job is science, though. Wherever I go, I try to gather more knowledge."

"Your family must miss you," Delar says, solicitously.

"My husbands I've either buried or left so they could shack up with new wives," Emma says, bluntly. "My children have better things to do living their lives than miss me."

Delar blushes and stutters, then turns to you.
"How about you, Daisy? Do you have family worrying for -- WHOA!"

Delar's sudden change of topic is caused by some WHOPPING BIG animal tracks crossing your path.

"Those are really big bear tracks," the Half-Urken says.

"Not bear. Barr," Emma corrects him.

You ask what the difference is.

"A bear's an animal. Dangerous, but just an animal. Barr are beasts. Barr are bigger, stronger and smarter than bears. They can talk, they walk upright and they like uprooting small trees -- to whack other creatures over the head with them."

"It's too big for a Teddy-Barr, isn't it?" Delar says. "So is it a Dan-Barr or a Rosan-Barr?"

"That means, is it a cub, a male or a female," Emma explains to you. "I'd say a Dan. Not ideal, but could be worse. Dans are irritable, but lazy. Unless we cross him, he won't bother us. A Teddy might hunt us out of spite, a Rosan would do it because meat is good food and she wants to protect her territory."

"My camp isn't far now, and it's covered by a Sanctum-spell," Delar says. "We'll be safe at least until sundown if we make it there. But do we hurry as fast as we can, or do we try to sneak there? Either could irritate a grumbly Dan-Barr."


= = = = = = =

VOTE CLOSED. Please continue to:…
Thought I'd just do some of the linework for Sarcantasy 018 before bed...

...and now I'm late to bed, but the page is fully inked and coloured as far as I want it.
My focus can be a beautiful thing. ^_^
And a terrible one.



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